Mission Statement and Values

No one deserves to be read if they aren't first willing to confess to their biases.  I would like you to read me, and so am obliged to tell you all the dirty details of why I'm writing.

I care about the world and think that we're capable of taking care of ourselves if we just believed in ourselves.  We don't have to swallow the limitations set by others because some rules says that's how things are done.  Contrary to popular belief - politicians are supposed to work for us.

I care about the world and think that we're capable of taking care of ourselves if we just believed in ourselves.  We don't have to swallow the limitations set by others because some rules says that's how things are done.  Contrary to popular belief - politicians are supposed to work for us.


I write with the same core values that I live by:




A Promise to you:

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In return for your attention and voice in the conversation, I'll endeavor to speak my love and vision for this planet with brutal honesty, empathy, and humility.  Today content consumers are the gods of the new age, and some homage is due.

I will get deep, personal, political, and human.  I will represent my voice as faithfully as I can.

I will passionately speak of the fever dream I see around us - that time when we seem to need a reminder in how to listen to each other, how to speak with integrity and unconditional respect, and how to be hopeful about our future.​

Why everyone should be paying more attention to China - with the newest top power in the world becoming radically conservative and Mercurial, their problems will soon be our problems. (See China Topics)


Why everyone should be paying more attention to what's happening to American Democracy - It really is the end of democracy when we cease to be able to speak to each other, have free and independent press, and faith in our ability to self-determine. (See USA topics)


Priorities in Coverage

Stories of the new global family We are incredible people.  When possible I want to bring the voices of incredible contributors in their communities with incredible perspectives to share.  Expect interviews in the future with Americans and the rest of the international family. (See Travel topics)


What lessons I've brought back from Canton and the World - My story too is unique, and I've learned a lot of lessons along the way on how to be better neighbors and a little more humble.  I share them because I'd explode otherwise. (See Social Commentary)

The topics you believe need focus - If it's important to you, it's important period.  I hope to take on board requests and direction from my readers to better connect with the world about the world. (Sign Up for free and join the member conversations)


My Background

I used the privilege of my English speaking tongue to see 18 countries around the Asian Pacific.  I collected a lifetime of memories and grew immeasurably from the beautiful people I met.  Today I consider myself a "3rd Culture Kid-ult" - not American or Chinese, but some mixture of both cultures defining who I am

The more I travel the more I realize, we're the same.  We all want to live, love, see, relish, be, and share.  The world inspires me and I want to live my life breaking down the walls between us.

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I have to confess that I'm a serious windbag - I've always been that nerdy kid who's lived everywhere and will talk your ear off at parties.  I can't help it, I have a million crazy stories to share about all the places, people, and cultures I've seen.  That's why I'm funneling creative explosions here.


For a decade I explored Southeast Asia discovering day by day that I was a pretty ignorant and sheltered, American, white girl.  Today I try as hard as I can not to be and occasionally make a good job of it.


On Going/Leaving Home

The past decade in China I've found a home I never expected to.  I love the old back alleys and courtyard enveloping apartments of "Old Guangzhou" in Liwan and Dongshan Kou.  I love the homey western areas out East in Liede and Zhujiang New Town (though can afford to go their only on occasion).  I love the grungy, artsy scene's south of the Zhujiang River bursting with creative expressions.  But most of all I love the eclectic, perplexing mix of cultures trying to find themselves all over the city - kinda makes me think I found the right place.

Last year (2018), I left the city I've known and lived in longer than any other in my life.  I left my Chinese love and fiancee with plans for reuniting on the other side of the pond.  I left one home for another.

These days I study for my Masters (Journalism and Interactive Media), I write like hell on several books and websites, I work at my fiancee's visa application, and I reach for the career/family/life I've always wanted.  I've been through industry jumps before, big moves before, long distance relationships before - but never like this.  That said, I've never felt so ready to take charge of my life.


Wish me luck!

I do work freelance and contract work producing EditorialSpecial InterestTravelReviews, and more in written, visual, and AV mediums.  

See my portfolio and arrangements for content at my professional site by clicking HERE

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