Our world faces great challenges, and I believe we are capable of meeting them.  But to change our world, we must intimately know it.  I hope EB Words helps you towards this end.

Mission Statement and Values

No one deserves to be read if they aren't first willing to confess to their agenda.  I would like you to read me, and so am obliged to tell you all the dirty details of why, how, and for whom I'm writing.

We need each other, and owe it to ourselves to know and celebrate each other.  Through understanding perspectives outside of our own, we are wiser, stronger, and more capable ourselves.

In return for your attention and voice in the conversation, I'll endeavor to speak my love and vision for this planet with brutal honesty, empathy, and humility.  Today content consumers are the gods of the new age, and some homage is due.

I will get deep, personal, political, and human.  I will represent my voice as faithfully as I can.

I will faithfully and passionately represent the world around me as much as I am able.  I will be a reminder in how to listen to each other, how to speak with integrity and unconditional respect, and how to be hopeful about our future.​

A Promise to you:


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Thank you for supporting my words!

Welcome to EB Words

EB Words is a media site run and operated by Emeri Burks to bring you compelling articles, interviews, studies, stories, and perspectives for your heart and mind to snack on.

From one who grew up on both sides of the world comes a perspective forged through radical compassion, integrity, and truth.  These words were made to make the world a better place.

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Priorities in Coverage

Why everyone should be paying more attention to China

With the newest top power in the world becoming radically conservative and Mercurial, their problems will soon be our problems.
(See China Topics)


Why everyone should be paying more attention to what's happening to American Democracy

It really is the end of democracy when we cease to be able to speak to each other, have free and independent press, and faith in our ability to self-determine. (See USA topics)


Stories of the new global family

We are incredible people.  When possible I want to bring the voices of incredible contributors in their communities with incredible perspectives to share.  Expect interviews in the future with Americans and the rest of the international family. (See Travel topics)


Views on the world

What lessons I've brought back from Canton and the World - My story too is unique, and I've learned a lot of lessons along the way on how to be better neighbors and a little more humble. (See Social Commentary)

The topics you believe need focus

If it's important to you, it's important period.  I hope to take on board requests and direction from my readers to better connect with the world about the world. (Sign Up for free and join the member conversations)


​I was born in the mountains, raised in the Bible Belt, up-grown in the Midwest, educated in New England, and schooled (hard-knocks) in southern China - now writing to you from the former home of George Floyd - Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a former cis, straight, white, male (read all about it HERE), an immigrant, and a member of the LGBTQI+ Community; I've came to appreciate the voices of minorities for the insights and consistently underrepresented value they offer.  So much so, I dedicated my Journalism MA to the voices of minority journalists and the contributions they've made to shifting ethical standards within mainstream journalism (read all about it HERE).

We are all of us biased and this bias informs our understanding of the world for better and worse.  I believe it's time we acknowledged this candidly.  I do so openly now, in hopes that others will follow.

My Perspective

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