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Twitter is EB Words Public Activism's main front.  Follow for local participatory journalism with regular updates on articles and EB Words

Reddit is where the EB Words conversations happen.  Follow public forums on key topics and share your own thoughts at length.

I do work freelance and contract work producing EditorialSpecial InterestTravelReviews, and more in written, visual, and AV mediums.  

See my portfolio and arrangements for content at my professional site by clicking


Facebook EB Words Regional Headquarters.  Short of this website, nowhere else is so much going on.

The Chinese Dream.jpg
January 2019 - Identity - Article 1 of 2
HK Pride Thumbnail.jpg
The Deepest Blues - June 2013 - Spread 2
Writings on the Wall 1 of 3.jpg
The Islands of the Gods - May 2013 - Spr
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Instagram is for EB Words Graphic Designs and visual media.  See my Chinese calligraphy and other visual creations here.

YouTube is my primary video content host.  You'll find original subtitled media linked around here plus diving and droning MVs.

SoundCloud hosts my audio only content.  This includes performed Spoken Word Pieces and may one day include my podcast series.

LinkedIn keeps things strictly professional.  You can check out my professional background to decide whether you want to collaborate with me.


WeChat is my seldom used connection to my Chinese self.  I don't post content here (for obvious reasons), but i am reachable (scan) for those living in the Red.

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Discord is Patreon's new pet networking platform.  One day you may find live trainings and townhalls here for member only services.

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