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  • My graphic art has been developing and I thought I'd open my sketchbook to you in my "Spoken Word and Art" tab. Each of these pieces of art contains a Chinese word, idiom, and/or phrase with special meaning to me. I research them, make technical decisions about how to depict them relative to their meanings and connotations, then develop layouts in pencil, and set out the piece with Sharpies. They may take between 2 and 8 hours of work. Drag, rotate, or click on the pieces to explore my calligraphy organically. I hope you enjoy them!
  • Are you interested in the sound of the sci-fi novel? Think you can tell us something important about our future? Got what it takes to contribute to this writing project? MESSAGE ME I'll be looking for the following details about your contributions: 1) Who is your main character? (Colonist, Guest, Space Station Technician, etc.) 2) How will you explore the interaction between the locals and the out-of-towners? 3) What kind of story will yours be? (Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Comedy, etc.) 4) What kind of statement do you want to make with your overall story-line? 5) What are your hopes for your involvement with and the greater writing collaboration? Once I've had a chance to speak with you, I'll invite you to post a teaser here to entice our members of what's to come.
  • I need a new place to keep all my writing. To help store my long form stories, I've started putting my books on the Book Shelf. To keep it special though, only website members will be able to access my content. If you're not already a member, it's free to sign up and you'll get loads of other freebies for doing so.

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