Mar 8

What do you want to see?


Edited: May 31

I want to know what you like and don't like so I can better make the content you want to see. How do you feel about my Spoken Word, my travel pieces, current events commentary, or personal anecdotes? What do you really respond to? What was just nowhere near enough depth for you? Even better- what's going on in your life that deserves some coverage here? Drop or heart a post or share a photo to let me know! I genuinely care about your feedback because I'm trying to build a career out of my content and my content needs to satisfy your particular itch to do so. I care about my content and I care about you, so don't be shy in helping me and my site get better.

May 30Edited: May 31

Dyke Bar Take Over:

Why are there no dyke bars? How has this hurt the community? What can we do about it?

May 31

Chinese Millennial and Why They're Going to Save the World

What do you get when you educate, fund, and raise an entire post-Cultural Revolution generation on international influences? A force that will shift the world's greatest superpower in an altogether different direction.

May 31

Rain in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong will return fully to the Mainland in 2047. But what will happen to this politically active, Democratic, financial hub when it all goes down?

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