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Mission Statement and Values

No one deserves to be read if they aren't first willing to confess to their biases.  I would like you to read me, and so am obliged to tell you all the dirty details of why I'm writing.

I care about the world and think that we're capable of taking care of ourselves if we just believed in ourselves.  We don't have to swallow the limitations set by others because some rules says that's how things are done.  Contrary to popular belief - politicians are supposed to work for us.

If we take a long hard look at the world and the ways we are reshaping our fates by leading from the heart - we get to rebuild from the ground up.  Hopefully connecting with other rain droplets on this global spiderweb can be a part of empowering others, and that's what it's all about.

Therefore, I write with the weight that my words could be making the world better or worse.  I could be relishing in the mudslinging, in the nihilism that our species' time has come, or the lazy style of writing that complains without offering solutions.  Or I could be talking about beautiful places, people, and beautiful ideas.

For that reason, you should know that anything I write in this space comes from a genuine concern and respect for your point of view.  If you should catch me on a bad day, I would be honored if you'd remind me to be more of an adult and a global citizen.  Friends who will tell you these things are more valuable than gold.


In return for your attention and voice in the conversation, I'll endeavor to speak my love and vision for this planet with brutal honesty, empathy, and humility.  Today content consumers are the gods of the new age, and some homage is due.

I will get deep, personal, political, and human.  I will represent my voice as faithfully as I can.

I will passionately speak of the fever dream I see around us - that time when we seem to need a reminder in how to listen to each other, how to speak with integrity and unconditional respect, and how to be hopeful about our future.​

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A Promise to you:

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