My Background

I have to confess that I'm a serious windbag - I've always been that nerdy kid who's lived everywhere and will talk your ear off at parties.  I can't help it, I have a million crazy stories to share about all the places, people, and cultures I've seen.  That's why I'm funneling creative explosions here.


For a decade I explored Southeast Asia discovering day by day that I was a pretty ignorant and sheltered, American, white girl.  Today I try as hard as I can not to be and occasionally make a good job of it.

I used the privilege of my English speaking tongue to see 18 countries around the Asian Pacific.  I collected a lifetime of memories and grew immeasurably from the beautiful people I met.  Today I consider myself a "3rd Culture Kid-ult" - not American or Chinese, but some mixture of both cultures defining who I am

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The more I travel the more I realize, we're the same.  We all want to live, love, see, relish, be, and share.  The world inspires me and I want to live my life breaking down the walls between us.


On Going/Leaving Home

The past decade in China I've found a home I never expected to.  I love the old back alleys and courtyard enveloping apartments of "Old Guangzhou" in Liwan and Dongshan Kou.  I love the homey western areas out East in Liede and Zhujiang New Town (though can afford to go their only on occasion).  I love the grungy, artsy scene's south of the Zhujiang River bursting with creative expressions.  But most of all I love the eclectic, perplexing mix of cultures trying to find themselves all over the city - kinda makes me think I found the right place.

Last year (2018), I left the city I've known and lived in longer than any other in my life.  I left my Chinese love and fiancee with plans for reuniting on the other side of the pond.  I left one home for another.

These days I study for my Masters (Journalism and Interactive Media), I write like hell on several books and websites, I work at my fiancee's visa application, and I reach for the career/family/life I've always wanted.  I've been through industry jumps before, big moves before, long distance relationships before - but never like this.  That said, I've never felt so ready to take charge of my life.


Wish me luck!