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Writings on the Wall: Graffiti artists paint a different picture of the city

Rarely is a mark on a wall seen as more than vandalism – petty hoodlums defacing something that’s not theirs with little concern for the people who own the property or those who walk by it every day. But if you know the person holding the cans of spray paint, you know that graffiti artists see what they do in very different light. Look closely and suddenly walls become canvas, scratches become messages, and graffiti is just another word for art. I spoke with three local graffiti artists to discover where, how, and why street artists like them have been so drawn to paint in recent years.

At the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts walking past bronze sculptures and museums presenting the products of the school’s best and brightest I spoke with Megic, a student who contends that graffiti is a gift to the gallery of the streets. Why did he choose the name Megic?