Fall to Fly

This piece explores my very personal feelings on creation and creativity. I've taken a lot of risks in my life transitioning, moving to China, moving back, changing industries several times over... I've worried through every time I've reinvented myself and at a certain point it's rational to question my sanity with these decisions. But it doesn't take long holding up my visions for the world and for my art before the doubt fades away.

Creation is breathing to me.

Fall to Fly

Wind clipped cliffs magnificent in opulence Stood the test of time against the tides Some battles lost, some won but standing firm with ever weathered sides Walking to the edge you can smell salt and breezes vigorous and assaulting Whisper soft whisper loud, of the death a breath full of salt brings Your steps have been sure and safe so far upon solid Earth Tread upon by ones before you with steps that bore you you think a new one or two couldn't hurt But your path ends here unless like Moses you can grasp the bedrock and take it aloft to pave new steps amongst the tree tops but see you can't stop- found you only wanna get lost You asked if you could have something different I asked, I don't know can you? No ones stopping you Telling what you oughtta do Self-restriction's only fiction that hasn't yet been disproved But it takes an act of faith To believe in something timeless that can't be erased Stumble towards it blindly, your arms outreached A fall into hubris or the Earth will rise to meet your feet The path of creation is a journey of the brave To become to your artistry a servant- but a common slave A blade to hack through weeds of apathy pits of inaction get traction from atrophy of the soul But see you know the horizon can only hold the brightness of a new day a new way the feel New beats for a new song new fates for a new kind of wheel. The world you're making stands ready for the taking Eyes open- you're waking up to the bright whites of the breaking sun It's begun- Forget less taken this path is virgin soil defined by unplanned steps and future toil Wasn't this way, wouldn't be any fun No pain, no gain to speak of No way to pray for the peace of Righteous dreams Can only be earned The beauty of beauty can never be learned Your veins pump blood or your veins pump gold Tasted, wasted, or shared but never ever sold And in the end with a swan dive for flare Sunset on cracking waves eyes squint against the glare No need to wonder if it's worth it Smiling cause the fates have been more than fair They've been more than fair They've been more than fair No need to wonder if it's worth it Cause the fates have been more than fair

This track is laid to Nujabes' "No Way Back," a piece a felt very connected to as I wrote it. The artist, also known as Jun Seba, died in 2010. This is piece is an unofficial tribute by someone who believes in his and all people's art.

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