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Confessions of a Former Straight, White, Cis Man

I realize you may have some questions. So let me start you off with a, Hi – I’m a white, MTF, post-op, trans woman (she, her, thank you) who happens to love women. So anyways – that’s how.

But this meant a number of things for me growing up. For the first 18 years of my life, I was socialized the same way that all straight, white, cis men were. That is – I was told my opinion was important, that people should listen to me, that I was supposed to be strong, and believe in myself. I didn’t have to worry about walking home late at night through dangerous parts of the city. I never got targeted by police for my skin color. I did well in school and generally teachers liked me.

Then somewhere along the line I realized that I’d been a woman all along and I transitioned to find – It’s so much shittier on literally every other side.