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More than Halfway Home

This website has a new name.  You ought to know why. 

Three years ago, I was looking west.  As Teacher Trainer to the southern region of the largest English training company in China, I was busy.  I made loads of content for the 40 or so teachers I was responsible for, working intimately with research and theory to design training programs for maximum efficacy.  I was valued, comfortable, and gainfully employed.

But I wasn’t a writer.

The major publications were all in Chinese.  The English-speaking readership was barely supporting my side magazine columnist gigs.  But most of all, I couldn’t speak truth without fear of a knock at the door.

So I began to plan my escape.  To help me along the way, I started a blog to supplement my writing portfolio and help build a name for myself.  Thinking about what sort of unique perspective I had to offer, I settled on the website name, Halfway Home – a third gendered, third cultured, perspective on the Sino-American issues of the day.

Until recently, “hallway home” could describe a great many areas of my life with a loved one in Hong Kong, a second home in Canton, and some extreme reverse culture shock living back in the states.  But this year I finished a year of my Master’s (Journalism), I purchased my first domain name, and I’m feeling increasingly myself in this familiar, alien place.

I am no longer “halfway home.”

My metrics were growing favorable and it was starting to become awkward explaining to new contacts why I am “EB Words” but my site is “Halfway Home” with the address of  I recently topped triple digits in followers.  Plus, with the excuse of a major web development assignment for school, I decided to take on a major face lift for my site. The course seemed obvious.  My company name, my website, and my address, like my work, were all EB Words – words to connect and inspire.

The distinction may seem minimal, but it has some implications for my readers.  For a long time, the greatest common denominator of my writing to speak of was my bi-cultured perspective.  Since then my voice has evolved its own unique attributes.  My writing reflects my values - compassion, vision, and integrity.

The list of topics I write on have expanded and the content I upload has diversified.  I have big plans for future projects involving collaborations, submission contents, interviews and more.  I write in as many ways as I am inspired to.  My brand needs to change to accommodate.

What can you expect?

On EB Words, you should expect faster loading speeds, smoother navigation, extra content, more diverse focuses, and a great new look for starters.  No more pop-ups asking you to subscribe.  No more complicated and dated looking web layouts.  We’re keeping things simple and focused on the content. 

The biggest new change with this update is to User Experience.  EB Words now features exclusive members areas (like the Book Shelf and Forum) for all who’ve signed up for a free account.  There I’ll be uploading longform fiction and non-fiction, audio and video content, graphic design, and more.  But there all of you will be too.  With new forums and chat updates we’ll begin to host member only topic requests, discussions, collaborations, and even competitions for those who are interested.

A lot is changing, but you should still expect quality writing on the topics you care about.  If you want to know more about my writing focuses, check out the “About” section.  If you want to get me feedback on all these changes (including the ones you don’t like), feel free to Contact through the EB Words form.  But in the meantime, I sincerely hope you enjoy your EB Words.

I know I will. What do you think of the new site?  Let me know in the comments!

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